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The Nappy Society

Luxury changing bag inserts by The Nappy Society allow you to turn your favourite bag into a changing bag.
Founder Gemma Bird has always had a passion for accessories, fashion and style. Whilst working for Chanel, Gemma developed an appreciation for luxury goods and customer satisfaction. Handbags and accessories have always been important to Gemma, as she believes that you can show your sense of identity through fashion and style. Reaching a point in her life where she and many of her close friends were settling down and starting families, she began delving into baby bag options. The problem was, she couldn't quite find the right product for her or her friends. They wanted something modern, functional and fashionable.
Gemma started noticing more and more mamas using their own large totes and handbags as a baby bag. They looked amazing, however were lacking the functionality and practicality of a baby bag. She started to think how she could design a product that would enable mamas to use their own totes and handbags for their bubs, while ensuring they would still be functional, practical and organised. And so, The Nappy Society was born.
​The Nappy Society (TNS) bag inserts are the perfect solution, ideal for modern mamas who don’t care for the traditional baby bags on the market. They allow you to turn any tote into the perfect baby bag, and will help keep your life organised while maintaining your sense of identity and love for fashion and style.